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Home theatres

If you’ve always wanted the ultimate movie experience at home, we’re the team to create it. We’ve created custom theatres in new, undeveloped spaces, and retro-fitted them in older homes – creating the best sound, video and lighting solution for your home. We work with you to design and recommend the best option for your budget and space.

Your home could include:

  • A wall-mounted TV or projection system
  • Built-in speakers/hidden speakers

Home automation

Home automation manages all the features and functionality of your home – giving you complete control over the technology in your house. Throw away all those remotes and choose a movie or music through your phone or tablet from the comfort of your chair. Adjust your lights, blinds and the temperature with the touch of a finger – either on your phone or tablet or a touch screen.

We can create a multi-room audio and video system for you, giving you the ability to listen, watch and control your favourite music or videos anywhere in your home – or even in your backyard.

Adding a lighting system can give you optimal lighting in certain rooms of your house, like your home theatre or den, but it can do so much more too. When you come home, with one button, you can turn multiple lights on, creating a lit path through your house. When you’re heading to bed, you can turn off all the lights at once. When you’re away, you can fool burglars by setting lights to turn on and off at different times throughout the day and night.

The comfort and convenience home automation offers is unbelievable, and the possibilities are endless – let us help you configure the best option for your lifestyle.

I own multiple properties and moved into a new personal 5000 square foot residence last July. The home is ten years old and the wiring for the internet and media in the basement looked like a spaghetti factory! In just a couple hours Dustin had all the wiring sorted and connected to a new network switch. It looks like a million bucks down there now and everything works!

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